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Residential and commercial pest control company in Crowley LA and surrounding areas 

Exterminator in Crowley

If your home or business is experiencing termite, insect, wildlife or rodent problems or infestations, you need the best pest control company in Crowley to take on the task. Our professionals will efficiently and effectively remove the pests from your property.

Our entire team has all the necessary training, licensing and insurance to safely perform pest extermination in Crowley, LA and surrounding communities. Request pest control service today or call (855) 889-0837. 

Professional Pest Control Services

Our processes for extermination and pest control in Crowley are humane for larger pests such as raccoons and possums, and environmentally friendly for smaller pests such as rodents and insects. For many pests such as mice or rats, we usually deploy indoor or outdoor traps that are triggered by movement. These trips exterminate the rodents quickly and effectively to reduce any suffering for the animal.

For insect infestation removal, the most common method is fumigation, also referred to as tenting. This is when our professionals will surround a home with a tent and chemicals are pumped in to gas out any living pests. Another method we utilize for removing pests are chemical-free applications, including ultra-violet light, ultrasonic and electric pest control.

Types of Indoor Pests We Control in Crowley









Bed bugs

Outdoor Pest Control Service Provider

If you have plants, flowers or turf anywhere on your property, chances are you are going to encounter pests. Thankfully our Crowley pest control professionals are well-versed at integrated pest management.

Our pest control experts look past the existing issue with pests on your property. We figure out the basis to why the pest is present on your property to begin with, then assess the requirements for removing said pest, and lastly, take action to remove the pests and what is attracting them in the first place.

Bees, wasps, hornets

Gophers, moles and voles


Bird pest control





Regardless of the types of pest you may be dealing with at your property, it is best to contact a Crowley pest control company as soon as possible. Any delays could allow the infestation to grow rapidly out of control, which can lead to more work to exterminate and remove the issue and cause an increase in the costs for services. Schedule an inspection today to get rid of outdoor pests at your home by calling us at (855) 889-0837 or requesting a quote.